The Post Graduate Diploma in Banking (PGDB) offered by Manipal Global has been jointly designed by ICICI Bank and Manipal Global Education for providing professional education to the probationary officers (POs) of ICICI Bank. The Programme has been designed keeping in mind the requirements of ICICI Bank to develop skills of their officers in order to enable them to perform proficiently in a banking environment and be effective business managers. The total programme duration is for a period of 12 months.


The course is divided into four terms. Probationary Officers are put through training on selected specialized domains of banking assigned specifically to each participant from the third term onwards.


Probationary Offer Training Program is an initiative of ICICI Bank in partnership with Manipal University, Probationary Officer program aims to attract young talent who wish to pursue a career in banking. It is a vocational training program designed to develop a pool of first level managers with banking knowledge and required skill-sets to perform efficiently in their day to day activities.

Program Delivery

Classes are held six days a week from Monday to Saturday.On each working day, there are 7 sessions of 65 minutes. Apart from the regular classes, the POs are encouraged to take part in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. 


Programme delivery is in the form of class room sessions,  discussions, seminars, e-learning modules, assignments, case studies, library research projects and other exercises. Considerable emphasis is placed on self-learning by the participants. Co-curricular activities  form an essential part of the learning process.


Apart from the regular sessions, the students are also provided support in learning through:

  • Lectures by experts from ICICI Bank / Industry
  • A well stocked Library that includes access to e-library
  • Study material prepared by IMA
  • Access to e-learning modules of ICICI Bank

Eligibility & Selection Process

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  • A system of continuous evaluation based on the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) system is adopted. The basic components of evaluations as Internal assessment and end term exam.
  • The students will be evaluated on class/tutorial participation, assignment work, laboratory work, class tests and quiz tests which together will constitute the Internal Assessment process. In addition, the students will also have to appear in the end-module examination in all the theory and laboratory courses as per the course of study.
  • Internal Assessment: Participants are assessed on the basis of : their performance in the class;active participation in discussions, role plays and seminars; presentations; completing assignments; quiz and test scores, completion of e-modules as a part of pre-class learning; completion of learning modules etc.
  • End-Module Examinations: The POs are required to appear in the term end examination in all the subjects as per the course of study. The term end exams are conducted by Manipal University and evaluated as per University norms.
  • In exceptional cases where a PO is not able to appear for the term end examination due ot a medical issues or if he/she does not secure the requisite grade in the first attempt, one more opportunity will be given to appear for the subject along with students of the next batch.



  • Appropriate grades ( A, B C etc) are assigned for all the theory and practical subjects to candidates who pass the university examinations. Cumulative marks of Internal Assessment marks and University examination is taken into account for alloting grades .
  • A candidate  who has registered for the university examination but fails to appear or fails to score the minimum required 50% marks in the University examination will get a Grade 'F', indicating failure or grade of incompletion.
  • A subject successfully completed cannot be repeated for improving the grade.
  • Final evaluation of each subject (theory and practical separately) will be carried out on a 10 – point grading system corresponding to the marks obtained in that subject. Each subject grade in letter, is converted into a specific grade value associated with it  as given in the table below:






85% and Above



75% - 84%



65% - 74%



60% - 64%



55% - 59%



50% - 54%



Less than 50%



Specified minimum marks are to be secured in the end term examinations for completion of the course, in addition to securing grades as per the above table.





  • The grade points are weighted in accordance with the number of credits assigned to a theory or practical subject and it is a product of credit and grade value. The Grade Point Average (GPA) is the weighted average of grade points awarded to a candidate.
  • GPA=Total grade points of a particular semester /Total number of credits of the semester
  • GPA for each semester is calculated for all the candidates who pass all the subjects of a particular semester of the course.




  • The Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) is the weighted average of the GPA's of the terms that the PO has completed. CGPA up to any term is calculated for the POs who pass all the subjects up to that term. Generally, CGPA is calculated after the successful completion of the PGDB programme.
  • CGPA = Σ (GPA of each semester * Corresponding number of credits)
                                  Sum of the entire course credits
  • After the results are declared, grade cards containing the list of subjects for that semester and the grades obtained is issued to the POs.
  • Award of Postgraduate Diploma
  • A Postgraduate Diploma in Banking is awarded on successful completion of the programme, provided the following conditions are met:
  • He/she should have successfully completed all the courses prescribed in the curriculum and should have earned the minimum number of credits specified for the program.
  • He/she should have satisfactorily fulfilled other academic requirements (as specified in the course of study/ curriculum) like practical training, work visits, seminar, project etc..

Rules & Regulations

ICICI Bank is a leader in India in the financial services sector. Manipal Group is a renowned name in the field of education. It is imperative that all members of IMA maintain the image of the Academy as a premier professional organization. It is incumbent upon all to maintain consistent standards of personal conduct. All the participants are  expected to maintain proper decorum both in the Academic Block and in the Hostel.


They are also required to behave in a responsible manner when they are outside the Academy. Suitable instructions on various issues are passed on to the participants from time to time by posting them on the IMA website or on the IMA notice boards. The participants  are advised to read these notices regularly. Once these notices are put up on the website/notice board, it is assumed that all the POs will have read it within 6 hours. Some of the important points for compliance on issues of general nature are enumerated in the succeeding paragraphs.


Discipline regulation for participants undergoing training at ICICI Manipal Academy For banking and insurance (IMA) is made available to them in the "student zone" of the local server. Besides these, the Manipal University regulations apply for the examinations.