Questions Related to Campus Component

Will there be any practical classes, presentations, etc?

Will there be any extra-curricular activities?

What is CGPA system of evaluation?

Is there a possibility of a student not completing the course and hence not joining the bank?

What is meant by successful completion?

Am I eligible for leave?

How many hours of study or practice do I have to put in?

What will be the class timings?

Will I have to join the bank immediately after the programme is completed or will I get some leave before I join?

Can I borrow books from the library?

What will be the library timings?

Will I get salary or any allowance during the period, etc. ?

While attending the programme, am I an employee of the Bank or a student?

I am not very comfortable with computers. What should I do?

What will be the medium of instruction and interaction with each other?

Will there be any preparatory holidays prior to semester exams and any holiday period after the exams?

Questions related to Facilities

Is the programme fully residential? Are boarding, lodging travel expenses borne by IMA?

Can a Programme Participant stay outside the hostel on all or select days?

Can we stay outside during weekends/holidays; go to native place; go to relatives' place?

What type of food will be served?

Can we cook or bring our own food and eat?

I have some food restrictions due to health or religious grounds. What can be done?

What type of living-expenses is to be borne by Programme Participants?

What should I bring while joining?

What all amenities are available in the room?

I have some specific allergies, diseases, etc. What should I do?

Would facilities for washing clothes like common washing machine and laundry room, etc be provided?

What facilities will be available for maintenance of rooms, etc?

How many students will be accommodated in each room?

Can I smoke in the room, campus, hostel, etc?

Can I choose or change the room or room mates?

What could be the monthly expenses? How much cash should I carry?

Is there any ATM or provision for opening a bank account?

Will newspapers, magazines, etc be available in hostel rooms?

What are the medical facilities available?

Can we go for movies late in the night and return?

Can we bring friends/relatives to our rooms and whether they can stay overnight?

Are internet connectivity, Wi-Fi available in the room/hostel/campus?

Will we have to purchase books, etc and what will be the approximate cost?

Can we carry or use cell phones?